Barracudas Synchronised Swimming Club boasts a proud reputation in both non-competitive and competitive synchronised swimming since its inception in 2000. We currently hold national team, duet and solo titles as well as age group titles.

SA National Age Groups (NAG) Championships 2017


Novice 12&U Team: 1st BSSC (35.08)

Novice 13-18 Duet: 2 duets

1st Georgina/Franziska (38.16)

Novice 12&U Duet: 4 duets

3rd Ava/Zoe (34.02)

Novice 12&U Trio: 2 teams

2nd BSSC (36.30)


Duet: 4 duets

3rd Amy/Mbali (44.18)

Trio: 6 trios

1st Amy/Mbali/Fenella (44.97)

Team: 2 teams

1st BSSC (44.97)


Duet: 9 duets

3rd Casey/Jemma (48.93)

4th Sarah/Sabrina (46.10)

5th Skye/Teagan (45.95)

8th Tatum/K-J (42.44)


Junior Duet: 5 duets

4th Zoe/Leah (55.03)

Open Free Team: 3 Teams

2nd BSSC (55.20)

Open Technical Team: 3 Teams

1st BSSC (57.60)

Combo: 1st BSSC (62.96) , 3rd BSSC (52.16)

Novice Overall Points:

1st Kingfisher (118)

2nd BSSC (98)

3rd Synchronacity (20)

4th Cygnus (17)

5th Aquabear (15)

Age Groups Overall Points:

1st BSSC (401)

2nd Cygnus (259)

3rd Aquabear (158)

4th Aquanova (77)

5th Umlazi Sharks (47)

6th Infinity (34)

7th Kingfisher (30)

8th Piranhas (17.5)

9th Synchronacity (5)

SA National Age Groups (NAG) Championships 2016 

Barracudas successfully defended their title at NAG 2016, held at Northwood Boys High School, Durban. 

A massive congratulations to all the coaches, managers, and chaperones for their incredible help getting us to where we are.


SA National Championships 2016

Congratulations to the following Barracudas on their excellent performance and winning results in the WPA team in Durban in April:

Senior: Emma Manners-Wood, Laura Strugnell, Shannon Whyte, Nadine Vaarland & Faith Adonis

15-18: Faith Adonis, Sarah Keyte, Lisa Wimmer, Kira Meltzer, Zoe Amato, Leah Gluckman

13-15: Jess Holing, Leah Gluckman


SA Level 1 & 2 Championships 2016

Barracudas took the overall club title this year, winning medals in the following events.

Level 1:

12&U figures, solo & duet

13-15 figures, solo & duet

Open figures, solo, duet & trio

Level 2:

12&U figures, solo & duet

NAG 2014

Barracudas came out victorious at NAG last year, winning by a staggering 135 points. Congratulations on all the hard work.  

A special congratulations to the following girls who were selected for 2015 National Squads:

Senior: Emma Manners-Wood, Laura Strugnell, Clarissa Johnston & Jessica Hayes-Hills

Junior: Sarah Keyte, Tatum-Leigh Petersen, Lisa Wimmer, Faith Adonis, Lauren Paulse, Shanae Williams, Nadine Vaarland and Jody Laguma

13-15: Jess Holing

SA National Championships 2014

The 2014 WP team comprised 13 girls all from Barracudas. WP defended their title, bringing home the overall cup, as well as the Combinations routine and Team trophies. Laura won Open solo and Emma & Laura were crowned SA national Duet champions once again. Congratulations to all the girls selected for Junior and 13-15 SA squads to compete internationally later this year.

Interschools March 2014

Congratulations to all the Barracudas who participated in the Skills Level 1 as well as those who competed in figures. What a great turn out!

National Age Groups 2013

Our most successful NAG yet! Barracudas cleaned up this year, taking the overall club cup by over 100 points, with a little over 35 routines and our largest number of competitors in a NAG tournament. We also defended our title as reigning Combo Champs! OOh Barracudas!

National Age Groups Championships 2012

NAG 2012 was a very successful one for Barracudas. BSSC placed 2nd overall, and Won the Combination Free Routine event, this is a highly coveted gold, and the first time it has been won by anyone other than a KZN club since the initiation of the event.



Skye MacDonald - 7th                                             

Sara Falcon - 8th                                                            

Lenka Bronn - 9th                                                              

Mia Sartini-Kruger - 10th


Lenka Bronn - 7th                                                     

Skye MacDonald - 8th                                                        

Sara Falcon - 9th                                                                

Mia Sartini-Kruger - 10th



Jess Holing - 3rd                                                    

Zoe Amato - 14th                                                              

Leah Gluckman - 15th


Jess Holing - 2nd                                                        

Zoe Amato - 12th                                                              

Leah Gluckman - 11th


Congratulations to Emma Manners-Wood, Laura Strugnell, Nicola David and Fatima Isaacs, who competed at The 14th FINA World Championships held in Shanghai, China 2011. Emma and Nicola competed in the Technical Duet event while Emma and Laura competed in the Free Duet event. Laura also competed in both technical and free solo events. Fatima was a reserve for both technical and free team routine events.

Emma Manners-Wood and Laura Strugnell,  silver and gold  medalists in the Senior solo event at SA Senior Aquatic Championships 2011. 6 of the 10 members of the WP team to compete at National Champs were Barracudas. WP went on to win the Championships overall, beating KZNA for the first time in 26 years.


Barracudas take centre stage at the SA Level 1 and 2 Championships in early April 2017


NAG 2014 - Technical Team winners

NAG 2013 - Winning club 

Sam (13-15), Jess (11-12), Emma (Open) & Sarah (13-15) -  NAG 2012 

Sam (Left), and Sarah at the top of their age group - NAG 2012

Senior medalists: Emma (Gold), Fatima (Silver) - WP  champs 2012

12&U medalists: Sarah (Gold), Caroux (Bronze) and Tatum-Leigh (Silver), WP champs 2012

Emma Manners-Wood, and Fatima Isaacs take silver and bronze in the Senior figures competition - NAG 2011

Barracudas free combination routine recieved silver for their performance at NAG 2011

11-12 Solo Medal Presentation - NAG 2011

Jess Holing, 10&U gold medalist  - NAG 2011